Art of Survival

Survival Of the Fittest

— Charles Darwin

Confidence is the secret to winning in every challenge that comes your way. Being prepared for any challenge any time is the source to having confidence.

Our program prepares you to be mentally and physically fit to perform beyond your best!

You could be isolated anywhere in the world from the arctic to a desert, from a tropical rainforest to an open ocean. Each environment calls for special techniques, Mountains, Jungles, Open Plains and Swamps can seem hazardous to the survivor but each offer some form of support and can be exploited for food, fuel, water, shelter if you know how to survive.

What is Ultimate Survival Campsite?

Ultimate survival campsite (USC) is a campsite that   teaches basic skills of survival and enhances will to survive. It enhances the basic instinct and the skills to save lives in all adverse circumstances.

What is course structure? 

Course is full of surprise. That’s the fun part that people will love. Every man and woman should know how to light a fire without matches or a lighter , make shelters , cross ravines , rivers , Unarmed combat, organizing leadership skills, trekking. All this gives them confidence in life.The goal is for people to be empowered in dynamic survival skills in all terrains and situations. It also teaches corporate team building exercises and team work.We also organize 4 day / 2day / 1 day survival courses.

Extraordinary in the Ordinary 

The Ultimate Survival Campsite is not an extraordinary destination. It’s a simple place that leaves an extraordinary impact on you. A gratifying conversation with a Pahari, eager to feed you home cooked Himachali food, witnessing the saffron coloured sunset while lying back and enjoying a cup of hot tea washed away all the fatigue from the weary work-life. The pure mountain air refreshes your senses and the ever smiling locals re-affirm your faith in the simple way of life.

Stay & Food 

There are a couple of peaceful tent retreats nested in the midst of the mountains. They offer a spectacular view of the Beas valley in the Himalayan valley of HP, with warm organic delicious local cuisine and spring water. You can also carry your own camping equipment for a close to nature experience.

Who all can participate?

  • Anyone(boys & girls) between 16 to 60 years of age with average physical fitness.
  • Student/athletes/ marathoners/ bikers/ adventure enthusiasts/ corporate / Offroad drivers / Religious tourists / Meditation practitioners 

Other Activities in the campsite : 

  1. White water Rafting
  2. Swimming in forest pools
  3. Bird Watching
  4. Rock Climbing & Rappeling
  5. Yoga & Meditation
  6. Day Hikes & Over night Treks
  7. Culture walks to Dogra villages

What you will learn as part of the Survival Camp :

Unarmed Combat
River Crossing
Rock Climbing
Finding Water
Making Fire
Making Shelter
Surviving the wild
Camp Craft
  •  Camping Sites
  • Parking Space
  • Portable drinking water
  • Organic Food
  • 24×7 Electricity
To be Announced