Bring out the adventurer in you. Face real like challenges and learn from the experts on how to face your fears with strength.


Learn some of the basic life saving and survival skills and be ready to face any challenge that nature throws at you.


Experience the power of working with each other and for each other. Adventure becomes a lot more fun when done in teams.

Camping in the Lap of Himalayas

We are honoured to be a part of the Airbnb Family and Welcoming Adventure enthusiasts in the Lap of Himalayas.

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Ultimate Farms

Ultimate Homestay and camping

Ultimate Organic honey

Ultimate Organic turmeric

Village Agro Economy

We also welcome all enthusiasts who are keen in building Village Agro Economy. Inline with our Prime Minister foresight for self-sustain “Atma Nirbhar”.

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Permaculture and working in farms, USC

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Art of Survival

Survival Of the Fittest

— Charles Darwin

Confidence is the secret to winning in every challenge that comes your way. Being prepared for any challenge any time is the source to having confidence.

Our program prepares you to be mentally and physically fit to perform beyond your “best”!

You could be isolated anywhere in the world from the arctic to a desert, from a tropical rainforest to an open ocean. Each environment calls for special techniques. Mountains, Jungles, Open Plains and Swamps can seem hazardous to the survivor but each offers some form of support and can be exploited for food, fuel, water, shelter if you know how to survive.

Survival is above all a mental exercise. What keeps us going is the basic instinct, as “will to live”.

What you will learn as part of the Survival Camp :

Unarmed Combat
River Crossing
Rock Climbing
Finding Water
Making Fire
Making Shelter
Surviving the wild
Camp Craft


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Adventure and travel enthusiasts

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Camping and Survival in Ban Chellian Forest, HP

Ultimate survival campsite invites fellow adventure enthusiasts, Isuzu/, Roof top tent owners for 3 days camping and survival in ban chellian forest, HP from 8 to 10 April 2022


Our Homestay : The perfect getaway for you, your friends and family!

Come to beautiful rural hamlet to get a full body detox. You can get your fix of clean air, give your lungs a clean scrub, stock up on home grown fresh produce, and cooked in the metallic with wood fire which flushes out all the mental toxins. It really takes a village to see India in its characteristic colors. You can reconnect to the roots and enjoy the tranquility and cultural refreshment offered by traditional rural environments.

DOGH(Jajjwar)- A small heritage village in the panoramic kangra valley in Himachal. It has mud plastered walls and slate roofed houses. The place also offers great angling opportunities in river Beas nearby and a panoramic view of snow capped majestic Dhauladhars. The village is known for its cottage industry.

Rural home stay includes seasonal food bursting local flavours, leisurely walks and interaction with the villagers.

Reach Us

The camp is about 440 kms from Delhi.

Route : Delhi – Take NH1 – Karnal – Ambala – Anantpur Sahib – Kiratpur Sahib – Nangal – Una – Amb – Ghallour – Jajwar – Campsite

Old Delhi – Amb Anddorre

Himachal Express (Broad Gauge)

From Amb the campsite is 25kms.

Kangra is the nearest airport.

Air India and Spicejet operate 2 flights daily to Kangra.


Dohg(Jajwar) village,
Lower Ghalloua, Jwalamukhi Tehsil,
Kangra District, Himachal Pradesh

Phone Number : +91 98718 24593

About Our Director


Director & Chief Coordinator

A Second generation Indian Army Officer with over 30 years of experience in vast terrains, studied from the King George’s Belgaum (Military School). Then joined the prestigious National Defence Academy, Khadakvasla(Pune) and thereafter passed out from Indian Military Academy (Dehradun). Trained as a commando, the officer has fought 1971 war, Served in the Rashtrapati Bhavan and Red fort New Delhi where he was responsible for the security and guard of honour of foreign dignitaries and diplomats. Having been awarded for bravery while leading an extremely difficult Patrol in the Chumbi Valley in China and Operation Blue Star, the officer was awarded with a Bravery Medal.

Joined the 2/3 Gorkha Rifles(Infantry) and fought along the brave Gorkha Boys who are the most fearless soldiers in the world. Always leading from the front. Remembering the motto

“Kafar Hunu Bhanda Marnu Ramro”
“Better to Die than to be a coward”

Always loved by his troops as they recall Major Sharma with a clean heart and pure living, as “An ideal infantry man, he is brave, with nerves of steel and guts of iron, tough, patient, adaptable, skilled in fieldcraft, intensly proud of his military ethics and unswerving loyalty.”